Meet the Mosquito Joe of Metro East IL Team

Glenn BanksGlenn Banks, aka Joe Dollar: I enjoy making Outside Fun Again for you and work hard to find ways to help you partner with us. I’m in my mid-40s and engaged to the love of my life. I enjoy the outdoors, nature, and the woods. I enjoy watching tv in the evening and spending time with my fiancé. We are enjoying the new arrival of our first grandchild!





keshawn Ke’Shawn, aka Joe Almighty: I’m proud to be a Pest Control Technician for Mosquito Joe. I’m a military vet I served 3 years in the U.S Air Force as a CyberTransport Technician. This is my first season at Mosquito Joe and an opportunity to escape the stagnant “behind the desk” job. I stumbled upon one of the most respectable, heartfelt & dedicated establishments I’ve ever come across & I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of it all. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports and playing/spending time with my kids.



brent stiritzBrent Stiritz, aka Joe Gamer: Brent is in his early 50s and was Military Police in the US Army. He has 4 children ranging from their mid-thirties to teens. He wants everyone to know he has a “blended” family and that he will be celebrating his 19th wedding anniversary in June this year! Congrats Brent! He is also a gamer and enjoys gatherings every other weekend playing Dungeons and Dragons. He has 3 dogs and 3 cats that he plans to protect, along with his family, with services from Mosquito Joe. He is a former pest control technician from another company, but liked what he saw and heard about what we do and wanted to join us this season! Welcome!


rachel gradyRachel Grady: Hi I’m Rachel, aka Joe Survivor, I’m a 2-time lymphoma survivor. I like playing board games with friends and doing crafts. I enjoy spending time outside reading, relaxing, and spending time with my many nieces, nephews & my dog.






alyssa mooreAlyssa Moore: Hi my name is Alyssa, aka Joe Salvatore. I love the Vampire Diaries which is how I chose my “Joe” name. I’m SUPER happy to be involved in making outside fun again!! I enjoy spending my free time with my nieces and nephews, I’m in my 20s and live on a beautiful farm. I have chickens, a horse, 4 dogs, and cats along with my bunny. I moved to Illinois from Ohio in 2021.I love to travel and spend my time out in the sun…getting rid of mosquitos makes that so much nicer!




charles grapesCharles Grapes: Hi! My name is Charles, aka Joe Silver. I come from Ohio. I am a family man, I’m currently engaged and like to spend my free time with my family. I know cars and often help others on the team better understand things to check on our vehicles to make sure they are safe and operational. I love helping our customers make outside fun again!





dayne morelandDayne Moreland: My Name is Dayne, aka Joe Moscato. I love Manga and all things Anime. I have 3 kids and a beautiful fiancé that I absolutely love with all my heart. I love working at Mosquito Joe because this is a company that cares and wants to make outside fun again for their customers. I personally feel they align with my goals of keeping outside safe for the kids, especially for kids with weaker immune systems or susceptible to infection, because they use a Botanical solution to eliminate Mosquitoes. I love contributing to this effort as an employee keeping the environment safe for the kids to play and keeping parents from having to use smelly bug sprays. I look forward to serving you and protecting your family from Mosquitoes and other outdoor pests this season and in future seasons to come.



darionne matthewsDarione Matthews: Hi My name is Darione, AKA Joe Supreme. I enjoy traveling and trying new things around the world. I spend my free time playing video games, watching sports, or simply having a game night with my girlfriend and family. I enjoy being a Pest Control Technician at Mosquito Joe because it is a therapeutic feeling of helping people with eliminating their infestations. This is my first season working here, and I am truly thankful and enjoy the culture the owner is trying to promote. I feel empowered to do my role and am provided everything to maximize my performance. Now let’s Make Outside Fun Again!