Brandi: Brandi Dixon of Mosquito Joe of Metro East ILHello, my name is Brandi, aka “Java Joe”. I am a mother of four who enjoys the great outdoors. I love to go hiking, and fishing, but I also enjoy sitting on the deck with a strong cup of coffee and an engaging book. As I begin the next step in my career at Mosquito Joe, I look forward to helping you enjoy the outdoors with friends, pets and family. I’m excited to help you in any way I can to identify the right treatment plan for you depending on what pest is outside that is keeping you inside. I am also excited to engage with our many recurring customers to customize or adjust treatments as needed that works best for you!


Brandon of Mosquito Joe of Metro East ILBrandon: Hi! My Name is Brandon, AKA Average Joe. I enjoy playing with my two sons in the back yard, grilling for the family, or even finishing up projects around the house. I enjoy being a Joe Mosquito pest control Technician because i can confidently spray the same eco friendly Products that i would trust in my back yard with my kids and at the same time effectively eliminate targeted pests to make summer enjoyable for everyone.




Dennis from Mosquito Joe of Metro East ILDennis Palmer: Hey, my name is Dennis, aka Joe Golfer. I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy golf, fishing, camping and the occasional summer float trip. I have a daughter who attends college in Georgia so I try and get down to see her as much as possible, especially for special events. I am also a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan but also follow all of our St. Louis sports teams!. I came from another outdoor pest control company so I bring experience to Mosquito Joe in helping keep you comfortable outdoors. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make things better.